April 5, 2018

Mehuly-Sauvic Pre Wedding Collections

The SHE – Collections | Mehuly |

Mehuly’s Look

ICP Makeover Salon started by applying the feather-light Absolute Illuminating Foundation that evenly blends into the skin and then she set it with the hydrating formula of Absolute White Intense Wet and Dry Compact in Ivory FairShe used the Absolute Precision Eye Artist in black to give ICP a bold eye-liner and glittery eyes. Special attention was paid to ICP’s lashes by applying couple of coats of the Absolute Flutter Secrets Volume Mascara for more definition. For the lips, ICP chose to give her a Absolute Lip Pout – Crème in PeachAnd the crowning glory was her hair styled in simple curls.

Captured exclusively by ICP

Pre-Wedding Groom Special photography
Has become one of the most popular gifts for Brides to give to their Grooms on the morning of the Big Day.
Pre-Bridal photography is one of the hottest trends in grooms gifts, and there is good reason. When you see the expression, and thrill on his unsuspecting face when he opens up your Photo book, it’s gonna be priceless! The photobook will surprise, and thrill him more than you can ever imagine.