March 31, 2018

Babies & Infants

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When you manage to put your baby down to sleep during daytime, don’t keep your surroundings quiet. Let the usual noises go on – usual talks, music playing in the background, washing machine spinning, traffic noises, etc. Your baby is used to all these noises while in the womb so let it be same. Just make sure the noises aren’t too loud to disrupt your angel’s sleep

Being a new mom is one of the most incredible and one of the most challenging experiences women will encounter. And like with most change there is a learning curve.

Make a journal for your baby. Record things like first smile and even first doctor’s visit because you’re so busy trying to do everything. In 18 years, you can sit down and look back at your journey and how time really does go by fast. Take every day as a new day – learn as you go.

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